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Call for Action by Co-op Members-ACE Rule

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a much more adaptable and practical plan that will eliminate the Clean Power Plan.  The EPA’s new proposal gives a more compliant approach to make decisions at a  local level for cooperatives that serve our valued members.  This means that cooperatives can carry on to offer reliable and affordable electricity and meet the needs that each individual cooperative necessitates and not follow the  conditions the Clean Power Plan requires.  Even though in 2015 hundreds of thousands of Americans voiced objections to the Clean Power Plan, it was put on hold by the Supreme Court due to questionable legal status.  RCEC needs your help in removing the Clean Power Plan by showing support for the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule.  We have included a copy of the letter shown below for your review and signing.  Please return the signed letter back to the RCEC office and we will forward it on to Washington.  The deadline is fast approaching so don’t wait!  Let the EPA know that the Clean Power Plan needs to be replaced.  We appreciate your help!  Your prompt response is greatly appreciated as the deadline is fast approaching.  For more information, contact us at 575-356-4491.



Please click here to show your support for removing the Clean Power Plan.   Honorable Andrew Wheeler-ACE Rule Letter


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