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New Services

All fees quoted are subject to change.

There is no fee to become a member of the cooperative however there is a connection fee of $50.00 for all new members.  Also, depending on the type of service you are applying for, a deposit may be required.   In order to sign-up to become a member, a valid photo id is required.  Refer to Section 1.05 of the Bylaws to review the requirements for acceptance into membership.  Application for Membership and Service

Types of Service:

There are (7) basic types of services offered by RCEC, Inc.  They are General Service, Commercial Service, Irrigation, Oil Well Pumping,   Demand Energy, Lighting and Temporary Service.

  1. General Service is available to all non-commercial type consumers, single or three-phase, who are not on demand instrumentation.  General Service covers a gambit of types, each of which are identified in more detail for billing purposes by the actual type of service being connected.  Examples of these would be: residential, residential with an electric water heater, all-electric residential, residential with electric heating, fencer, pressure pump or other (barn, etc.).
  2. Commercial Service is available to all commercial type consumers with loads of less than 50 connected horsepower, single or three-phase, who are not on demand instrumentation.  There are two rate structures for this type of service.  They are either connected as commercial small or commercial small with electric heating.
  3. Irrigation Service is available to irrigation consumers and/or peanut or grain dryers, three-phase, who are not on demand instrumentation.  Irrigation services are broken into different billing categories that include circle, winter circle, gravity irrigation, gravity winter, siderow or pivot.
  4. Oil Well Pumping Service is available to all consumers engaged in commercial pumping, three-phase, or who are not on demand instrumentation.
  5. Demand Energy Service is available to consumers with loads of 50 connected horsepower and greater, single or three-phase, who are on demand instrumentation.  Demand energy services are broken into different rates depending on the service type.  They are either oil related, not oil related or dryers.
  6. Lighting Service is available to all consumers for controlled multiple street lighting systems and furnished lighting from dusk to dawn.  Types of lighting services include yard lights, street lights and area/flood lighting
  7. Temporary Service is available to all consumers when the following conditions are met:
    1. When the service is to a trailer or mobile home not on permanent foundation or has its axles or tongue arrangement intact.
    2. When the service is needed only for portable electric fence chargers.
    3. When the applicant for a line extension is unwilling to contract for the electric service for the length of time required under the appropriate consumer class category of this policy.
    4. When the electric service will be needed for less than twelve (12) months.

Temporary service will be furnished to the consumer provided the consumer pay in advance of construction all estimated construction and retirement costs for the electric service.


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